09/17/2015 06:12 EDT | Updated 09/17/2015 06:59 EDT

Virginia Tech Survivor Visits University Of Calgary Students

Mike Ridewood/The Canadian Press

The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, with 32 dead and 17 wounded.

"I wish someone had told me that things happen…even though you've transferred into a college and there are authorities…you're responsible and shit happens and in that case you have to have a plan," says Kristina Anderson, a survivor of the shootings, Calgary Metro reports.

Anderson was the keynote speaker at the University of Calgary's first ever Safety and Wellness Week. Anderson spoke to students Wednesday, sharing her perspective on the importance of campus safety and personal awareness.

Anderson says that the Virginia Tech incident "remains an excellent starting point in learning how to better deal with all the complex elements of campus safety," reports the Calgary Herald.

Anderson's non-profit, the Koshka Foundation, helps students feel empowered and work towards campus safety.

Rae Ann Aldridge, associate vice-president of risk at the University of Calgary, told the Calgary Herald that, "students know what can happen, but when they know what to do to respond, that can really reduce their anxiety."

Wellness Week was scheduled to coincide with the school's yearly evacuation drills. The University will also be promoting their UC Emergency app this week.

The app, which was released this May, is available for Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices. It delivers crucial alerts and updates to students and faculty in the event of an emergency. It also posts updates to Twitter.