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Atlanta Hawks Tap Into Ashley Madison Scandal To Help Fill Seats

Finally, something good comes out of the Ashley Madison scandal.

Finally, something good has come out of the Ashley Madison scandal.

The Atlanta Hawks NBA team released a cheeky YouTube ad on Friday that references the Toronto-based infidelity site that found itself at the centre of a massive hack last month.

The ad, which capitalizes on the site's increased popularity following the hack, shows a woman actually named Ashley Madison speaking in a tempting tone, in an effort to lure NBA fans away from their own teams.

"Have you had a little rough patch with your first love?" Madison asks. "Maybe they just don't deliver the excitement you need anymore."

The video advertises the Hawks' flex plan, which offers "10 nights of pure, unadulterated excitement."

Three people named Ashley Madison — two women, one man — were recruited as part of the effort, The Toronto Sun reported.

TIME magazine noted a similarity to an ad campaign promoted by Taco Bell in 2014.

That effort led to the food chain hiring individuals actually named Ronald McDonald to talk about how much they loved the Taco Bell's breakfast items.

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