09/17/2015 20:37 EDT | Updated 09/17/2016 01:12 EDT

Green leader May, excluded from election debate, tweets her salvos

OTTAWA — Elizabeth May has fired a digital salvo in the campaign debate on the economy, tweeting that the Canada-Korea trade deal was a bad one for Ottawa.

The Green party leader wasn't invited to the Calgary event hosted by the Globe and Mail newspaper, but she's using Twitter to try to elbow her way into the conversation.

May has invited a crowd of supporters to a Victoria church where she is videotaping short statements for distribution through her Twitter account.

She has denounced the Globe's decision to exclude her from the debate, calling it a private, corporate event.

The sort of exposure a national debate can provide is crucial to the Green party in its bid to build on a parliamentary beachhead of two seats.

The Globe has defended the Calgary format, saying it would lead to focused discussion on the Canadian economy.

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