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Nova Scotia promises to toughen enforcement of rules for deadbeat parents

HALIFAX — The Nova Scotia government is cracking down on parents who fail to make child-support payments.

Justice Minister Diana Whalen says the province is changing the program that helps families collect court-ordered child and spousal support payments.

The changes come after a program review that produced 27 recommendations, all of which Whalen says she accepts.

The review recommends increasing the use of enforcement tools, such as suspending drivers' or hunting licences for parents who do not pay.

Whalen says they will also look at creating a special unit to help collect payment in more challenging cases, improving communication with clients and bolstering staff training.

The report also suggests court action could be taken more often since no court enforcement actions were taken in 2013-14 in Nova Scotia compared to the 478 taken in New Brunswick for the same period.

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