09/18/2015 02:30 EDT | Updated 09/18/2015 02:59 EDT

'Old-Stock Canadians': How About We're All #JustCanadian?

Maybe we're all #JustCanadian.

If there had been a soundtrack to Thursday's federal election debate, a very loud record-needle scratch would have followed Stephen Harper's use of the phrase "old-stock Canadians."

The Conservative leader was defending his government's policy of ensuring "bogus" refugee complainants don't receive better health care than Canadian citizens.

It's a strategy that new and "existing and old-stock Canadians agree with," Harper said at the Globe and Mail economic debate.

His curious use of the phrase — which he later clarified — led many to wonder, "What exactly is an old-stock Canadian?" (Watch video above)

Perhaps there's no such thing, and we are all #JustCanadian.

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