09/18/2015 15:53 EDT | Updated 09/18/2016 01:12 EDT

Water system being treated at site of legionnaires' disease outbreak

HALIFAX — The Nova Scotia government says steps are being taken to treat the water system in an apartment building where there was an outbreak of legionnaires' disease.

The province says it has purchased a copper-silver ionization system that will be permanently installed at Alderney Manor in Dartmouth to treat hot and cold water.

It says all units in the building have been flushed with hot water and treated with a leased copper-silver ionization system.

Restrictions on showers will remain in place until the cold water has been treated, which should be within two weeks, and alternate shower facilities are available at the Dartmouth Sportsplex.

The government says even though the water is safe to drink, staff have been distributing bottled water and water dispensing units.

There have been five confirmed cases of legionnaires' disease and no suspected cases have been identified in more than a week.


The Canadian Press