09/21/2015 08:29 EDT | Updated 09/21/2016 05:12 EDT

Alberta Engineer Association Has Data Breached

75,000 member records were inadvertently given to an unknown party.

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EDMONTON — An association that regulates engineers and geoscientists in Alberta is warning its members of a data breach.

Mark Flint, a professional engineer and CEO of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, says 75,000 member records were inadvertently given to an unknown party.

The records contain the names, member ID, and email addresses of members.

Flint says he is personally apologizing to members for the release of information.

He is warning members not respond to any emails that appear to be from the group, and also not to confirm or provide any information in such an email.

Flint says the group is also temporarily suspending access to its member self-service centre on its website.

"Somebody could say, 'It looks like you overreacted by contacting all your members and let them know, but I thought it was more important to protect the interest of the member than to protect our interest as an organization."

Flint says the group is looking at how to prevent it from recurring.

"It's not like a financial account or anything of that nature. I don't think the level of risk is that grave to the individual, but I think we do have to look at what the implications of that are and what we might do about it going forward so there is no risk, primarily to the public but also to the members."


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