09/21/2015 14:59 EDT | Updated 09/21/2016 01:12 EDT

Crown wants 20 years for B.C. man guilty of human trafficking, sex exploitation

VANCOUVER — A Crown lawyer says a British Columbia man convicted of luring teenage girls into a prostitution ring should serve back-to-back sentences for crimes committed against each of his 11 victims.

Lawyer Kristin Bryson says Reza Moazami should spend more than 20 years behind bars after he was convicted last September of 30 out of 36 counts.

The convictions included sexual assault, sexual exploitation and living off the avails of prostitution

Three of the convictions carry a five-year minimum sentence.

The court heard during his trial that Moazami recruited vulnerable girls by promising them drugs, alcohol and, in one instance, a puppy.

Moazami testified in his own defence at trial and claimed he didn't know the teens were underage and denied living off the money the girls had earned while they had sex with about a dozen men a day.

The Canadian Press