09/21/2015 05:00 EDT | Updated 09/21/2016 01:12 EDT

Dwayne Samson to be sentenced in 'murder for lobster' death of Philip Boudreau

The closing chapter is set to start today in the death of a Cape Breton fisherman, in the so-called murder for lobster case.

Two days in Supreme Court in Port Hawkesbury, N.S., have been set aside for the sentencing hearing of Dwayne Samson, the captain of the Twin Maggies, for his part in the disappearance and presumed drowning of Philip Boudreau, 43, in 2013.

It will be the last of three sentences handed out in the case.

Samson, 45, was at the helm of the lobster boat on June 1, 2013, the night Boudreau died.

Samson was originally charged with second-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter in May.

An agreed statement of fact indicates three men on board the boat witnessed Boudreau near their lobster traps in Petit-de-Grat Harbour and believed he was interfering with them.

Deckhand James Landry shot at Boudreau four times — one shot hit Boudreau in the leg.

Samson then ran at Boudreau's boat several times.

The men then hooked Boudreau with a gaff and dragged him out to sea. His body was never found.

14-year sentence

Landry was originally charged with second-degree murder, but a jury found him guilty of manslaughter in November and sentenced him to 14 years. 

A second deckhand, Craig Landry, pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact and was sentenced to 28 days time served, plus two years probation.

Samson's wife, Carla, the owner of the Twin Maggies, had originally been charged with being an accessory after the fact, but that was later withdrawn.

Crown Shane Russell said he would seek a sentence in the "double digits" for Dwayne Samson.

Samson's lawyer, Nash Brogan, indicated he will look for something in the range of seven to nine years.

Brogan said he plans to call expert evidence from a psychiatrist about what might have provoked the attack. He told reporters following Samson's guilty plea the people on the Twin Maggies had been subject to abuse from Philip Boudreau for many years.