09/21/2015 14:46 EDT | Updated 09/21/2016 01:12 EDT

Elections Canada voter list still has some bugs

One Montreal voter is encouraging everyone to double-check they're registered to vote after a mishap with Elections Canada.

Geneviève Grenier has lived at the same Montreal address for 12 years. 

She's voted in every election since moving in: municipal, provincial and federal.

"I was one of those people who just assumed — I've been here for 12 years, of course there isn't going to be a problem. But there was that little, little feeling of maybe I should just check just in case," Grenier said.

Grenier went to the Elections Canada website to make sure she was registered, but the online form couldn't find her name listed at her current address.

Grenier phoned Elections Canada, and some back and forth an employee found her name registered at her old address in Ontario. 

"I said 'How can that be? I've never had an issue before ... She said, 'This is a new system and obviously there are some glitches.'"

Grenier will have to submit her proof of residency ahead of time in order to vote on Oct. 19. 

She said she's glad she happened to check online, and she's encouraging others to do the same. 

Elections Canada spokesman Serge Fleyfelsaid this is the first time he's heard of case like this, but said they're still working out some bugs in the system. 

He said the online registration system was created for exactly that reason — so that anyone can go online and make sure they're listed to vote at the right address.

Fleyfel said everyone in Canada who's registered to vote will receive a voter information card in the mail by the end of September.

Elections Canada will also send out vote reminder cards.

Fleyfel said if you receive a reminder card, but not a voter information card, you might not be on the electoral list. 

He said Canadians can go online or call Elections Canada if they have any problems.