09/21/2015 13:31 EDT | Updated 09/21/2016 01:12 EDT

FDA will ask panel to review pain, bleeding problems with Essure contraceptive implant

WASHINGTON — Federal medical experts will take a closer look at a host of problems reported with the birth control implant called Essure, including chronic pain, bleeding, headaches and allergic reactions.

Essure has been sold for 13 years but the Food and Drug Administration has recently received a flurry of complaints from women implanted with the device, which is marketed as the only permanent birth control method that doesn't require surgery.

Essure consists of two metallic coils inserted into the fallopian tubes, where they spur the growth of scar tissue that eventually blocks sperm.

Studies suggest problems with Essure are relatively rare, but thousands of women have attributed various health problems to the implant.

The agency will ask an expert panel to review the issue Thursday and recommend possible solutions.


This story has been corrected to indicate that the FDA meeting is Thursday, not Wednesday

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