09/21/2015 04:25 EDT | Updated 09/22/2015 09:59 EDT

Kids Notes: 9-Year-Old Girl's Business Plan Is A Guaranteed Success

Most kids make extra cash by setting up a lemonade stand, but one little girl has much bigger ambitions and knows exactly how to make her dreams come true.

On Reddit, a father posted his daughter’s well thought out plan for a dog walking business. The caption read: “Found in my 9 y.o.'s backpack. Solid business model.”

In the note, 9-year-old Rylee lists the step-by-step process she must complete to make her business profitable. This includes asking her parents for help, coming up with a price and spreading the word.

The little girl’s adorable plans for success amused a number of Redditors and received over a thousand comments in less than a few hours. “I've never written ‘success!’ at the bottom of any of my lists,” one user wrote. “I think I'm going to start doing that; it's inspiring.”

Another said: “This presentation is ready for the ‘Dragon's Den.’”

The Reddit thread then turned to discussions about what childhood businesses users had when they were kids. One Redditor shared: “I had a short lived business venture when I was 8 or 9. Ian's Mowing Business. I printed papers with info, I spread the word. I made $20 then went back to video games.”

In response, Rylee’s father said, “Sounds like exactly what she will do.”

Although Rylee’s dad might have his doubts about whether or not his daughter will go through with her plans, a few people commented that he should use this opportunity to encourage her.

“This 9 y/o started a business with more planning than most adults (Early 20s) I know,” one said. “This kid has a future.”


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