09/21/2015 08:10 EDT | Updated 09/20/2016 05:12 EDT

Pat Martin Apologizes For 'Intemperate' Language On Campaign Trail

Longtime MP for Winnipeg Centre Pat Martin apologized Sunday night for language he's used in the past week on the campaign trail.

"Over the last few days I have used some intemperate language that I regret," said Martin. "I would like to offer an unreserved apology to my fellow candidates and to anyone else who may have taken offense to the tone and content of these remarks. 

"I hope we can move past this and return to having a healthy discussion of the issues affecting Winnipeg Centre voters."

A visibly frustrated Martin could be heard saying "son of a bitch" as he was grilled by Green Party candidate Don Woodstock during a forum on downtown issues on Sept. 16.

Martin, who has represented Winnipeg Centre for the New Democrats since 1997, could also be seen saying "f---ing prick," but microphones at the debate did not pick up that remark as clearly.

Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair did not seem overly concerned or angry when reporters asked him about Martin's choice of words later in the week.

"I know that Pat is a very determined, very passionate man and he's done an amazing job in Winnipeg Centre over so many years. And as we all know, some of his statements have even made [the] BBC News — that's how colourful they are," Mulcair said.

Mulcair did add that it was important for all candidates to be respectful and careful with what they say.

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