09/21/2015 15:48 EDT | Updated 09/21/2016 01:12 EDT

Paul Nichols, veteran crossing Canada on horseback, back on the road after snag

A Canadian military veteran who has spent the last several months crossing the country on horseback to raise awareness about veterans issues can finally hit the road again after his truck broke down near Montreal 10 days ago.

Paul Nichols and his horse Zoe left British Columbia in April.

They were riding through Napierville, about 45 kilometres south of Montreal, on Sept. 11 when the truck pulling the team's horse trailer had to be repaired for a diesel leak. 

Norman Beliveau, a local mechanic, accepted to do all the work for free. 

"It's incredible how the community has come out to support us," Nichols said said.

"This would have cost around $7,000 but Norman doesn't want us to pay a thing."

The team of Communities for Veterans Foundation is crossing the country to raise awareness on veterans issues and meet with veterans along the way while introducing them to equine therapy.

Nichols served in Bosnia and Croatia in the 1990s and says horses helped him readjust to civilian life.

Béliveau said he felt what Nichols and his team were doing was important, and he wanted to help them in their journey.

"We got some parts from Auto Parts Plus, and some of my friends came to help out," he said.

Nichols and his wife Terry will be driving to Edmunston, N.B., tonight to meet up with the team, as well as horse Zoe, who travelled east thanks to people who offered their trucks and trailers along the way.

The tour is expected to wrap up in Newfoundland in November, just before Remembrance Day.