09/22/2015 04:22 EDT | Updated 09/22/2015 04:59 EDT

'Amazing Race Canada' Has Been Renewed For Season 4

You don't have to give up on your dream of racing around the world for a prize worth a million dollars just yet, Canada.

As announced this week — coincidentally, the same week season three of The Amazing Race Canada wraps up — the CTV-produced show was renewed for a fourth season. And casting for the season starts ... NOW.

Once the finale airs on Sept. 23. at 9 p.m. EST, auditions will be open for any Canadians who think they'd be able to, say, learn a series of wrestling moves and take down their partner, or play a game of blind soccer. All while getting along with said partner, of course, which is often easier said than done.

Although beloved host Jon Montgomery's participation hasn't been confirmed yet for the upcoming season, it's hard to imagine the race happening without him. And while we once upon a time gave a few suggestions as to who might work, the Olympian has certainly earned his chops over the last three seasons.

As far as the rules for auditioning go, there's a whole slew of casting requirements (including the fact that you must be 19 by March 2016, and hold a valid Canadian passport or permanent resident card without any travel restrictions), but the basics are this: make a video with your teammate, convince the producers your personalities' are wacky/funny/clashing/endearing enough to make audiences love/despise/be jealous of you, and get it in to them by Nov. 24. at 11:59 p.m.

The race is on!

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