09/22/2015 08:20 EDT | Updated 09/22/2015 08:59 EDT

This Big Brown Bear Ain't Leaving Without A Stinky Surprise

Oh, bear-y, BEAR-Y funny.

A brave man's standoff with a big brown bear ended with the ursine creature running away ... but not before it left something to remember it by.

A video uploaded to YouTube by user Vance Hopkins last month shows a massive bear chilling under a deck, as a man points a video camera in its face.

The bear, clearly annoyed by its presence, huffs and charges toward the camera before finally deciding to leave.

The camera then captures the bear climbing out from under the deck and going around the side of the house.

It looks like it's about to run away. But then, as if to sass its pursuer, it leaves a mighty stinky surprise before finally taking off.

No f***s given. None whatsoever.

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