09/22/2015 02:08 EDT | Updated 09/22/2016 05:12 EDT

Village Brewery Recalls Beer In Growlers After Explosion Reports

Village Brewery
CALGARY — A Calgary brewery is recalling its jug-style beer bottles following reports that some of them are leaking and even exploding.

Village Brewery says it is pulling all of its 1.89-litre bottles known as growlers from store shelves.

It will also permanently stop using that size to bottle its beers.

It's not the first time the brewery has had to recall its growlers.

It did so in March 2014 because of a defect originating with its glass supplier.

The company is telling retailers to stop selling the growlers and is offering six-packs to customers who are being asked to dispose of the jugs.

“We no longer feel confident that our growlers consistently meet our quality specifications and have made the difficult decision to cease production of this container,” brewery co-founder Jim Button said in a news release Tuesday.

He said the brewery's unpasteurized beer has a shelf life of three months, or longer, but it needs to be kept in a dark and refrigerated environment. He also said unfiltered beer can become more carbonated as time passes because it contains active yeast.

"The combination of unrefrigerated growlers, active yeast and extended time before opening of the growler create a quality-control issue that is out of our control and is an increased risk to the consumer," Button said.

"Our first concern is for the safety of our customers who may be at risk the longer the growlers remain on the shelf."

Village Brewery beers will still be available in kegs and 330- and 650-millilitre bottles.


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