09/22/2015 07:57 EDT | Updated 09/25/2015 09:59 EDT

Edmonton Taxi Drivers Remove Shirts, Demand Pizza At City Council

Well, that was intense.

Edmonton's battle between taxis and ride-sharing service Uber got more than heated as cab drivers swarmed the city council chambers.

Tuesday's pandemonium started when council members suggested expanding the number of taxi licence plates in the city. Taxi drivers began shouting that council is "taking the shirts off their backs."

So... they took their shirts off.

The cab drivers then started shouting and banging on walls, because a tantrum is clearly the best way to get your point across.

Peace officers tried to quiet the crowd by warning them that police had been called, but that didn't work. City council filed out the side doors.

Who was going to fix this chaos?

Enter cabbie-whisperer acting city manager Linda Cochrane.

The Uber guys on the other side of this debate? They sat quietly.

Some basic kindergarten rules came into play.

Perhaps the taxi drivers were just hangry?

But here's some consolation water!

Before council returned, one last kindergarten warning.

There were murmurs of confusion over what Cochrane meant by "this is Edmonton." (Perhaps she's just a big "Chinatown" fan.)

Finally, council was ready to return — with a police escort.

Oh right, in the end, council unanimously passed a draft bylaw to bring Uber out of a legal grey area. Cab drivers were not happy.

Will the shirtless, pizza-demanding chauffeurs return? One can only hope.

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