09/22/2015 12:33 EDT | Updated 09/22/2016 05:12 EDT

Trudeau: 'No Circumstances' In Which I'd Support Harper As PM

MONTREAL — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he would not hesitate to bring down a government led by Stephen Harper if the Conservatives win a minority.

"I have spent my entire political career fighting against Mr. Harper's narrow and meaner vision of what Canada can be and what the government should do," he said Tuesday after an announcement in Montreal.

"There are no circumstances in which I would support Stephen Harper to continue being prime minister of this country."

But Trudeau was more equivocal when asked whether that same principle applies to an NDP minority government, saying he is confident the Liberals will be victorious after Oct. 19.

His comments come as polls continue to suggest a tight three-way race between the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP.

Earlier Tuesday, Trudeau announced that the Liberals would give $380 million in additional funding for the arts and undo the Conservative funding cuts to the CBC.

Trudeau said he would reverse the $115 million in cuts the Conservative government made to the national broadcaster annually for three years and would top up funding for CBC/Radio-Canada by an additional $35 million per year.

He also said he would double the annual funding for the Canada Council of the Arts from $180 million to $360 million.

Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board would together get an additional $25 million per year, he said, surrounded by supporters and local candidates at a Montreal hotel.

He held his arts announcement in Quebec, a province with strong ties to its artistic communities.

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