09/22/2015 12:27 EDT | Updated 09/22/2015 12:59 EDT

‘Game Of Thrones' Star May Have Spit Gum Into Wife's Mouth At Emmy Awards

Many couples grow pretty comfortable around each other over time, but we’d have a hard time putting up with this one.

"Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage took home a well-deserved Emmy Award Sunday night for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series, but he and wife Erica Schmidt may have won another for grossest couple when many watchers questioned whether he spit his gum into her mouth before going up on stage.

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening, but just as Dinklage is about to leave his seat, he and Schmidt share a kiss, then he whispers something to her. When he kisses her again, something is clearly up.

When he goes up on stage, he tells the audience he wasn’t prepared at all to accept the award. In fact, he says, he was chewing gum, Distractify points out. Emphasis here on "was."

So while the concept of sharing gum with even a longtime partner kind of makes us shudder, not everyone was bothered.

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