09/22/2015 03:33 EDT | Updated 09/22/2015 03:59 EDT

Alleged Vancouver Van Thief Takes Coffee Break Outside Police Station

Anthony Bradshaw via Getty Images
Overhead view of a white cup of freshly poured black coffee placed besides a ring of coffee that has stained the table top

Sometimes, you should just wait for your coffee break.

Vancouver police said a man drove away in a delivery van that had been left parked with the keys inside around 6 a.m. on Monday on Robson Street near Homer.

A few minutes later, a few officers — who had heard about the alleged theft — saw the same vehicle cruising by the police station on Cambie Street, said a news release.

The cops watched as the driver parked, and casually strolled into a nearby coffee shop, said Const. Brian Montague.

The officers followed him inside and, after a brief struggle, arrested the man. "It does not appear that either mental health or drugs were a factor in the incident," said Montague.

Brian Ross Phillips, 55, has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle and taking a motor vehicle without the owners' consent.

The van and its cargo were safely returned to a grateful delivery driver, added Montague.

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