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Gerard MacIntosh, B.C. Teacher, Suspended After Telling Autistic Student To 'Erase Your Life'

Gerard MacIntosh was a North Vancouver principal and Grade 8 teacher.

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A former North Vancouver teacher and principal had been suspended after making several inappropriate remarks to students, including one diagnosed with autism.

Early in 2014, Gerard MacIntosh was teaching a Grade 8 class when an autistic student asked to borrow an eraser. In front of her classmates, MacIntosh held out a pocket knife and said "Here, use this to erase your life," according to a consent resolution agreement posted online this week by the B.C. Teacher Regulation Branch.

On another occasion, MacIntosh took his class to visit some Grade 11 students. According to the decision, the teacher joked with the senior group, "I bet you $5 that [this student] will say something stupid like 'how do you get laid in Grade 9'?"

At a Halloween party, a student asked MacIntosh if he was going to wear a costume. The educator replied that he was dressed up as a pedophile.

For a week in May 2014, MacIntosh was put on paid leave, during which he lied about the reason for it, contrary to the independent school's instructions. He stopped being the school's principal, and went on leave again in August until he resigned from the school in December.

The provincial regulation branch said his teaching certificate was suspended for two months, starting on Monday.

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