09/23/2015 05:11 EDT | Updated 09/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Martin Solotki Says Kids Were Wrongfully Taken After B.C. Home-Alone Ruling


A Kelowna father says his kids were "abducted" from his house last week after the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that children under 10 shouldn't be left alone at home.

Martin Solotki, who shares custody with his ex-wife, leaves his two daughters home alone two nights a week while works, according to Global News. One girl is almost eight, while the other is 11 and has her babysitting certificate, he said.

On Thursday night, the girl's mother took the kids from Solotki's home while he was away, on the advice of a social worker, reported the outlet.

Solotki believes the worker was following a court decision that came down that afternoon, upholding the position of child protective services that kids under 10 don't have "the cognitive ability to be left unsupervised."

"They hauled my kids out of their beds and took them from their dad," Solotki told The Province. "To me, that is abduction."

He added that adults were available in the upstairs suite if his daughters had an emergency in their unit.

Vancouver lawyer Gurinder Bains told the newspaper that there is no legislation in B.C. that sets a minimum age requirement for kids left home alone.

B.C.'s Ministry of Child and Family development says age 12 is used as a rough guideline to decide when kids are mature enough to be unsupervised.

Solotki got his daughters back within 24 hours after he promised to arrange for supervision while he works, reported Global.

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