09/23/2015 11:14 EDT | Updated 09/23/2015 11:59 EDT

'Scream Queens' Fashion: The Premiere's Best Outfits

On this, the first day of autumn, we celebrate two things: 1) That somewhere, Lenny Kravitz is wearing his scarf, and 2) the premiere of "Scream Queens" last night.

Naturally, it was everything we expected to be: violent, gory, weird, funny, arguably quite offensive and straight-up addictive. Frankly, if "American Horror Story: Coven" made sweet love to "Glee" and then banished singing from their home, this is what "Scream Queens" would be best described as. Only also better dressed. Because arguably one of the biggest stars of the series isn’t a person, it’s the costume department -- and last night did not disappoint.

From feathers to faux fur to metallics to hats to whatever it is Lea Michele’s character is into, "Scream Queens" eclipsed all other shows ever with its update of "Mean Girls"-esque clothing and penchant for accessories. And because it was probably overwhelming to pay attention to the clothing and to whoever-it-is who’s behind the Devil’s mask (just kidding: we all paid attention to things equally and this is totally an excuse for me to post gifs/talk about clothes), we’ve rounded up the best outfits so we could re-live the magic now.

'Scream Queens' Fashion

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