09/23/2015 09:53 EDT | Updated 09/23/2015 09:59 EDT

Winnipeg Daredevil Dangles From A Crane High Above The City

Don't try this at home. Or anywhere else.

A YouTube video uploaded to the sharing site last month shows two very brave (and possibly stupid) men scaling buildings before one of them dangles, single-handed, from a crane at the under-construction RBC Convention Centre, with a GoPro catching the action.

We felt like we had vertigo just watching it.

Thrilling though it may be, the activity could have serious consequences.

Const. Jason Michalyshen of the Winnipeg Police Service told CBC News that, "This behaviour/stunt is very concerning, not only for the safety of the individuals involved but the potentially dangerous position innocent bystanders are being put in."

The men could face trespassing, mischief and break and enter charges, he added.

The video is the latest in a series that has seen daredevils scale buildings throughout the world.

In July, a YouTube video showed two men scaling the unfinished Trump International Tower and Hotel in Vancouver and spending time at its summit as the sun rose.

The president of Holborn Group, which is building the tower, promised the individuals would be charged if they could be located, he told CBC News.

Later that month, three men from North Vancouver were arrested after climbing a construction crane, in a separate incident.

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