09/24/2015 03:56 EDT | Updated 09/24/2015 04:59 EDT

CEMA, Oilsands Monitoring Group, Votes Against Disbanding Despite Faltering Funding


CALGARY — An oilsands environmental monitoring group has voted not to disband despite having no secure source of revenue next year.

The Fort McMurray, Alta.,-based Cumulative Environmental Management Association learned this past summer that the province would make industry funding of the group optional next year.

The organization relies on industry funding for almost all of its $5-million budget.

CEMA spokeswoman Carol Christian confirmed the vote to dissolve was defeated, but she declined to release the voting results citing confidentiality rules.

In recent years industry has argued against funding the group, saying other initiatives like the Joint Oil Sands Monitoring program and the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance fulfill a similar role.

CEMA has argued it is the only independent monitoring group and better represents aboriginal stakeholders.


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