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Princes William And Harry Build Homes For Veterans

Who knew the princes were so handy?

Need a handyman? Princes William and Harry are here to the rescue!

On Wednesday, Kensington Palace announced via Instagram that Princes William and Harry would help transform 70 homes for former British veterans.

The princes teamed up with TV presenter Nick Knowles, BBC's DIY SOS team and over a hundred volunteers to renovate the old homes.

A support centre is also in the works. It will be run by the Walking with the Wounded charity and the Royal British Legion, two organizations both princes have been known to support.

When the princes arrived on site, they were each given personalized hard hats. Not long after that William challenged his younger brother by playfully saying "Game on," People magazine reports.

Harry went to work outside laying slabs of concrete, while William stayed indoors painting the walls of one of the houses.

After they finished their work, Harry had a little more fun laying into his older brother. "Was that the wall he was working on?" he asked. "I can tell. Give me that roller and let me do it properly."

So who won the challenge? Project manager Mark Millar said of Harry, "He can come and work on a site of mine anytime he likes."

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