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Kayla Bourque Released: Psychopathic, High-Risk Animal Killer To Live In New Westminster

B.C.'s Ministry of Justice has issued a public warning after a woman who slaughtered her family pets was released from custody Friday.

Kayla Bourque, who's been described as an "affectionless psychopath," plans to live in New Westminster, said officials.

She was arrested in March for allegedly breaking her probation after her initial release from prison in 2013.

Warning: Graphic details

Bourque, 25, was jailed on charges relating to torturing and killing her family's cat and dog in 2012.

She confessed to having hanged the dog named Molly in 2009, according to court details. Bourque then cut up the animal and put its head on a stick, while also taking photos and video of the killing. She also took a naked photograph of herself next to Molly's remains.

The family cat, Snowflake, was killed in a similar fashion in 2010.

Police started focusing on Bourque when she was a criminology student at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Burnaby, east of Vancouver.

She had told a colleague that she killed and then dismembered cats while growing up in Prince George, before she slaughtered Molly and Snowflake.

Police were notified by the university after a student told a teaching assistant that Bourque had disclosed her crimes, as well as some fantasies about killing a homeless person, according to SFU criminology department head Dr. Rob Gordon.

"She expressed an interest in harming other people," he said.

The professor said police obtained search warrants for Bourque's room at the university, where they found a so-called kill kit that had duct tape and other restraining devices.

Bourque spent time in Burnaby General Hospital's psychiatric unit before she was convicted, Gordon said.

"Quite clearly she is a disturbed young lady and is obviously in need of help."

Bourque is 5'4" tall, 146 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. She has to live under 47 court-ordered restrictions, including staying away from public places where children under the age of 18 may be located, staying off social media, and not owning any weapons.

She is also forbidden from owning any animals.

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