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Canada Is A Baseball Nation Again

The Blue Jays are in the playoffs.



Fans have waited 22 long years for this.

Yes, there is crying in baseball.

blue jays cry

They haven't made it since they won back-to-back World Series in '92 and '93.

blue jays world series 1993

And now Canada is on the brink of becoming baseball nation all over again.

blue jays fans canada

Here are a few signs that's happening.

This is Josh Donaldson.

He makes catches like this ...

And slides home like this.

He also has a bizarre hairstyle.

josh donaldson hair

Remember Kelly Gruber, who tagged bases like this ...

And had a unique hairstyle of his own.

kelly gruber

This is pitcher David Price.

He has a wicked arm and a winning smile.

This is Alex Anthopoulos, the Jays' general manager.

alex anthopoulos

Through fits and starts, he has built a winning team. Like when he traded for Jose Reyes ...

jose reyes jays

And then flipped him for Troy Tulowitzki.

Who did this in his Jays debut.

This man needs no introduction.

Because he hit 50 home runs in the 2010 season ...

The most that anyone has hit since 2007.

Never mind the guy that did it that year ...

jose bautista alex rodriguez


This team has a proud history to guide them.

In Toronto, success is spelled, "W-A-M-C-O."

They have Robbie Alomar's two-run home run against Oakland.

Devon White's robbery of Dave Justice ...

And others.

They have Pat Borders' MVP-winning performance in 1992 ...

He led the Jays with a .450 batting average.

pat borders 1992

Paul Molitor's in 1993 ...

He tied a World Series record with two home runs and 10 runs.

And, of course, Joe Carter catching the last out to win the '92 World Series.

He predicted a bunt. He was right.

You'll be seeing these dug out of basements.

A foamie from a World Series run.

blue jays foamie

Along with these...

la bat foamie

And these.

world series scorebook

And forget "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Because fans want to hear this.

The Jays have had great times ...

And bad ones.

Blue Jay Damaso Garcia, after the team lost the pennant to the Kansas City Royals in 1985. They led three games to one, but ultimately lost.

blue jays royals 1985

But Americans have taken our game for long enough.

So now it's time to take theirs from them ...

The Canadian flag flew upside down before Game 2 of the 1992 World Series between the Jays and the Atlanta Braves.

world series canadian flag

And make some new memories along the way.

jays banner

So just remember, boys. Heroes are remembered ...

But legends never die.

Joe Carter, celebrating a three-run home run that won the 1993 World Series.

And new ones are born overnight.

Jose Bautista, hitting an epic three-run home run to win the 2015 American League Division Series.

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