09/28/2015 03:20 EDT | Updated 09/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Photo Of Girl Under Or Over Water Goes Viral

The new #DressGate is here, just as summer ends.

Summer's over, but this new viral photo is making quite the splash.

A Reddit photo of a little girl in water has left many people confused. The photo, which shows a young girl either jumping into a pool or already underwater, is the latest #DressGate that has everyone on social media talking... and like usual, picking sides.

"This girl looks like she's underwater and jumping into water at the same time," the photo's caption reads.

At a first glance, it does seem like this kid is both under and over water. However, those who argue the "under" side say she has too many water bubbles coming out of her nose for her to be "over."

Those on the other end of this debate, however, argue the girl's hair is too dry to be "under" and those "air bubbles" are actually splashes of water. Some have come to conclusion this girl is actually standing in a shallow pool.

So which one is it? Is she under or over? Let us know in the comments below: