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Protests! Big Signs! Democracy! All At The Munk Debates

Big crowds boost the spirits, right?


Only a few weeks ago, King Street West in Toronto was home to red carpets and Hollywood stars as the city hosted the Toronto International Film Festival. Monday, the same street was barricaded for three federal leaders who are at Roy Thomson Hall for the Munk Debates on foreign policy.

Of course, the partisans were out in force, because big crowds boost the spirits, right?

A view from above

Ready for the #munkdebate? #elxn42 #cndpoli

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We have NDP supporters!

Just here with my @matthewkellway crew cheering for @tommulcair outside the #munkdebate

A photo posted by Candace Jazvac (@candacejazvac) on

Oh, and Liberal too

Debate night | #elxn42

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Storm those bar.. er, stand and abide the law

Me, Scooter and a big bag of weed at the #MunkDebate tonight waiting for the leaders to arrive.... #elxn42

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Oh, and the shot of the CN Tower (cause we're in the Six, right?)

the scene pre-#munkdebate #elxn42

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Better yet, a few selfies

Sign o' the times!

The crowd outside Roy Thompson Hall for the Leaders #munkdebate tonight. #elxn42

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Harper was spotted.. er, the bus was, at least

Let's protest everything!

This is how Dave and I do date night. #munkdebate #canadavotes

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Okay, let's get it on!

The view from inside

The Munk Debate On Canada's Foreign Policy #munkdebate

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Go Blue Jays! Oh, wrong venue

#munkdebate let the battle begin #justintrudeau #harper #mulcair

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