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Raffi Sums Up Watching The Munk Debate In Single Tweet

Pretty much.

Viewers tuning into Monday's Munk Debate on foreign policy were faced with audio and translation problems, which complicated things for those trying to follow along online.

Among those following via live stream was Raffi Cavoukian, one of the country's most renowned entertainers and active Twitter user on all things related to Canada's upcoming election.

In one tweet, he managed to summarize the entire debate-watching experience for the average viewer:

#MunkDebate my ears can't stand the translation audio. and shame on @munkdebate—where's @ElizabethMay?? i'm outa here. #GoJaysGo

— Raffi Cavoukian (@Raffi_RC) September 29, 2015

Tech issues already?! #MunkDebate

— Ivan Hughes (@IvantrHughes) September 28, 2015

Is there a sound tech in this building somewhere??? Man this is awefull! #MunkDebate

— Christian Prémont (@ChristianPremon) September 28, 2015


The content is terrific but the technical & audio problems are beyond irritating. #fail

— Konrad Ejbich (@WineZone) September 28, 2015

The only thing that would have made the #MunkDebate better was the presence of @ElizabethMay

— Monique (@mvdwildenberg) September 29, 2015

I wish @ElizabethMay's voice & perspective was a part 2nite's #MunkDebate. We needed a deeper analysis of the environment & #ForeignPolicy.

— Lyla Miklos (@lylamiklos) September 29, 2015

Dear @MunkDebate#MunkDebate was good, granted. Disappointed by exclusion of @ElizabethMay. Now can you explain why?

— Korice Moir (@WaterPuppetry) September 29, 2015

@millatime99#irrelevant#munkdebate Munk organizers refused to even meet with #GPC to explain their decision to keep me out.

— Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay) September 29, 2015

Phew. Glad that's over.

Experiencing repetitive thumb on TV remote strain injury.


Go Blue Jays & Packers.

— Robin Dunlop (@RobinHDunlop) September 29, 2015

#MunkDebate and @BlueJays

What a night!

— Judy Mann (@thecitywoman) September 29, 2015

Monday's televised Munk Debate saw leaders of three federal parties spar over foreign policy and their visions of Canada's future role in the world.

May, who was not invited to join the political matchup at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall, held her own shadow debate on Twitter. The Green Party filed a complaint last week with the Canada Revenue Agency in an attempt to admit May into the lineup.

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