09/29/2015 08:30 EDT | Updated 09/29/2015 08:59 EDT

Burmese Python Chills In A Stack Of Jeans At Florida Flea Market

Where else but Florida can you go to the flea market, peruse the jeans rack, and find yourself face to face with an eight-foot wild python?

That's precisely the situation that Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue (MDFR) was confronted with when it attended a flea market at 272 Krome Ave. in Homestead, Fla. on Sunday.

The python, which was about eight feet long and weighed an estimated 40 pounds, was apparently hiding among the jeans so that it could digest the previous night's meal, The Miami Herald reported.

It's not unusual to see pythons in the area around this time, as rain pushes them out of their below-ground habitats.

Lt. Scott Mullen of Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue said such snakes aren't poisonous, but they do have several sharp teeth, he told the Herald.

The reptile was handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and it will likely be euthanized, ABC affiliate WFTV-TV reported.

But what we're wondering is: would the snake have fit into a pair of skinny jeans?

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