09/29/2015 02:51 EDT | Updated 09/29/2015 02:59 EDT

Cute Dogs In Dinosaur Costumes Will Make Your Day


What happens when you take adorable dogs and put them in adorable dinosaur costumes to run free? Something like this.

In an Instagram video uploaded by barkleythepom (we assume his human did the actual work), the cute Pomeranian plays with his equally cute brother Balou Blue the French bulldog.

Running around to the theme song of "Jurassic Park," Pomasaurus and French Bullasuarus (these names are too cute), basically just set the bar for Halloween dog costumes. And to top things off, not only are they both too cute for words, but both dogs also have huge social followings — which means even more pics.

Watch the video below and get ready to have all kinds of feels!

Video📡 Pomasaurus & FrenchBullasuarus😱 #JurrasicWorld (With @BalouBlue)

A video posted by Barkley (@barkleythepom) on

Rawwwrrr we're dinosaurs🐲 (Watch our Jurassic World Video🔈 on @BarkleyThePom's page😱)

A photo posted by Balou Blue (@baloublue) on

The snuggle is real💙

A photo posted by Barkley (@barkleythepom) on

SpiderPom strikes again💥

A photo posted by Barkley (@barkleythepom) on

Guac is extra💵

A photo posted by Barkley (@barkleythepom) on

Lock up yo daughters😏

A photo posted by Balou Blue (@baloublue) on

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