09/29/2015 08:23 EDT | Updated 09/29/2016 05:12 EDT

Lucky Raffle Winner Could Get Toronto Restaurant For Just $150

A restaurant owner is selling her entire east end business in a raffle in an effort to pay it forward.

Ruthie Cummings is selling 4,000 raffle tickets at $150 each. The winner will get the keys to her Danforth spot, Das Gasthaus.

"They could literally walk in here, open and make money the first day," she said.

She's stepping away to care for her aging parents. She says she's ready to hand it over after three years of running the successful restaurant.

"It really is about paying it forward giving someone an opportunity."

The winner will get a top of the line draft system, a gourmet kitchen with all the stock and supplies – no strings attached. The new owners will have to pay rent.

She says she wants the new owners to live their dream, like she did.

"I would love it if it [were] someone in industry — bar tender, student, someone who always wanted their own place," said Cummings.

Tickets are selling fast on her website, A new owner will be selected on Dec. 1.