09/29/2015 02:07 EDT | Updated 09/29/2015 02:59 EDT

A Snapchat Vomiting Rainbow Makeup Tutorial Is Here Just In Time For Halloween

This makeup will last you longer than 10 seconds.

Open your mouth wide, because a makeup tutorial for Snapchat's infamous vomiting rainbow has hit the interwebs.

It was only a mere few weeks ago our minds were blown with the introduction of lenses filters on Snapchat...and don't lie -- you either sent a snap of yourself throwing up a rainbow or you received one. Nonetheless, it's safe to say everyone was obsessed.

YouTube makeup guru, Brittany from GettingPretty, hopped on that viral bandwagon and created her first Halloween makeup tutorial for 2015. Using a range of products, including Mehron's Paradise Palette in Tropical, Pastel and Basic, Brittany creates the glittering rainbow down her neck. And she didn't forgot to add those glossy big eyes and adorable pink cheeks either.


Watch the tutorial above, and for more Halloween makeup ideas, check out the gallery below:

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