09/29/2015 02:59 EDT | Updated 09/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Tom Hanks Hangs Out On Reddit, Gives Some Pretty Great Advice

You'll be surprised which of his movies he thinks is underrated.

Tom Hanks, for all his celebrity status, has spent much of his 35 years in the spotlight appearing for all the world like a regular guy. And if his participation on Reddit is any indication, there's good reason to believe that's exactly who he is.

Hanks, who did a Reddit AMA last year, began randomly posting responses in a variety of sub-reddits this week, giving his opinion on anything from the scariest moment in any movie ("Alien. The eggs open, and there is something squirming around in there. I have never allowed myself to see what happens next."), to current popular trends he predicts will be gone in 10 years (Hanks really, really does not like reality TV). And of course, which of his movies he thinks is the most underrated.

While we think this was likely just a blip — the account had been otherwise dormant for a year — we love Hanks' candor and enthusiasm for the wide-ranging topics.

So what did the average Joe, who just happens to have a closet full of Oscars and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, have to say? Take a look here:

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