09/30/2015 01:18 EDT | Updated 09/30/2015 01:59 EDT

American Eagle Is Releasing A Denim Line Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds

If you love your morning cup of coffee, and you're more of a "jeans type of girl," then get ready to weep tears of joy.

American Eagle took National Coffee Day3 to the next level on Tuesday revealing on Instagram Denim X Café, a new line of jeans hitting stores soon. The clothing brand took their classic high performance stretch denim and made it with 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds per jean.

So you're probably asking: why coffee? Well, according to Racked, coffee has some amazing benefits. Grounds have a natural deodorizing quality, meaning these infused jeans will ward off those unpleasant odours. It also has the ability to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays. And worry not, it is reported that these bad boys won't smell like you just poured your cup of joe all over yourself.

To get the hype going around the new collection, American Eagle tapped actresses Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens to share Instagram photos of themselves modelling the denim.

Actor Gregg Sulkin, a.k.a. Bella Thorne's boyfriend, took to Instagram to model the male version of the line, Flex Café.

AE's Denim X Café and Flex Café will be avaliable online and in-stores for prices ranging from $49.95 to $54.95 starting on Oct. 15th.

Now excuse us while we pour ourselves another cup of java.

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