09/30/2015 10:34 EDT | Updated 09/30/2015 10:59 EDT

All The Reasons Our Kids Think We're A-hole Parents


Kids are fickle. The slightest "wrong" move can cause them to have a big fit, like if you tie their shoes without the bunny ears or tell them that they can't watch fireworks during the day. These things and more make us all #AssholeParents and we have the Instagram shots to prove it!

Here are all the reasons your kids think you're an asshole.

I surprised her with a fun size m&ms for an after school treat. How dare I open it and hand it to her! 😒😂 #assholeparent

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Took the kids to get ice cream... 😐 #assholeparent #notahappycamper #whocriesovericecream #batman #nephew

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She wanted to turn the sink off by herself... So I let her. I guess I'm an #assholeparent #momlife

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Today, Lucas is crying because I won't let him chew and suck on a battery... #AssholeParent #Brat #SaveMe 🔋👶😭😠

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She wanted the cap on her water. So I put the cap on her water. Guess that makes me an #assholeparent 👍🏻

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She wanted to play guitar, so I took it out. #assholeparent

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HE bit ME and I'M the asshole. 😬 #assholeparent #mykidwyatt #momlife

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Wants to see fireworks at noon in September.. I'm a real #assholeparent

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Throwing a fit because I wouldn't let her put my car keys in the toilet, so I'm an #assholeparent @assholeparents

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I put my daughter on the grass to get some fresh air. I am an #assholeparent

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what do you mean I can't eat the dog food?? #babiesofinstagram #assholeparent

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