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Jesse Rau, Fired Calgary Bus Driver, Releases Bear-Hunting Campaign Ad

Jesse Rau is back, and wants to make sure we are all safe from bears.

Jesse Rau is very interested in making the most of his 15 minutes of fame.

Rau is the former Calgary Transit bus driver who declared he would quit if assigned to drive a rainbow "Pride bus" because of his Christian belief against homosexuality.

Rau was later fired for lying to the media and posting "Nazi-related" content on Facebook.

He has since announced that he is running in the federal election as a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party in Calgary Signal Hill.

Now, Rau has released quite an election ad for his campaign.

In the eight-minute video (watch above), Rau is hiking in the woods with a gun strapped to his back. The crux of Rau's argument focuses on Alberta's increased cost for hunting licences.

He states that the right to hunt "thousands of grizzlies running around in Alberta" needs to be protected, and mentions many of his friends have been mauled by bears.

"The right to carry a sidearm is something I believe is important and it should be a freedom that we are given to," Rau says in the video.

He is then joined by Walt Wawra, a Michigan cop who was ridiculed in 2012 for a letter he wrote to the Calgary Herald, in which claimed he felt unsafe engaging in small talk with Calgarians without his gun.

Wawra's support of Rau might be counter to Canadian election law, Vice notes, as it's illegal for Americans to endorse Canadian candidates.

The video closes with a transition to rousing, patriotic music and Rau stating "You vote for me, I'll say what I'm going to do. it's going to be clear and I'm going to follow up and do what I say I'm going to do."

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