09/30/2015 02:31 EDT | Updated 10/01/2015 02:59 EDT

New Social Experiment Gets Strangers To Kiss Blindfolded

Last year we we're taken away by an adorable social experiment that featured strangers kissing, but we later found out it was fake. But now our faith in social experiments has been restored, thanks to this lovely video above.

The new video (which was originally posted last year) is a social experiment involving strangers kissing with blindfolds. Uploaded on YouTube by cinematographer Jordan Oram of Toronto, the "Kiss Me Now, Meet Me Later," experiment has each stranger describing their kiss and of course, meeting their smooching partner for the first time.

From adorable reactions seeing their new kissing buddies to honestly reflecting on how a kiss makes them feel, the video is a raw look at how awkward and sweet that first kiss with a new person can be. Oram, who appears at the end of the video, says even though there had been similar social experiments like this one, none explained why people were kissing in the first place.

"What if you meet the person you fell in love with from the first kiss? What if it was like your first kiss? A lot of [the people] we are experimenting with today, they probably would have never kissed," he said.

Watch the video above and let us know if it brings you back to your first kiss.

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