09/30/2015 02:49 EDT | Updated 09/30/2015 02:59 EDT

Tie-Dye Hair Is The New Hair Colour Trend You'll Want To Know About

The latest hair trend is here, and this time it takes inspiration from our favourite childhood camp activity: tie-dye.

Yes, the act of tie-dyeing goes a little something like this: you take a crisp white shirt, create sections using rubber bands and then dip the fabric into different dyes to create a kaleidoscopic patterned inspired by the '60s.

In the above video from Cosmopolitan and Pravana, hair colourist Rickey Zito brings tie-dye to a whole new level in the form of the latest hair trend to hit the Internet. This style is perfect for those of us who can't just decide on one colour, and the best part is, you don't have to worry about shades bleeding.

To get the look, Zito starts by bleaching the hair, then moves on to creating wide sections and wrapping them up in ponytails. He then ties rubber bands around the length of the sectioned ponytails.

And then, the magic begins: the colouring process. Zito paints two shades into each section of hair. Using intense and bold purples, pinks, green, blues and yellows, he then blends the colours together for a nice fade.

This is seriously cool.

Check out the whole process in the video above!

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