25 Cheap (But Still Cool) Halloween Costume Ideas

They might not cost you money, but they will cost you some time.

Shopping for a Halloween costume in October is sure to cost you a pretty penny, but why bother buying a costume when you can make your own instead? After all, Halloween is the one time of year when everyone gets into the crafting spirit, be it by carving a pumpkin, decorating the yard or pulling together a cool and creative costume.

In the slideshow below, we list 25 cheap costume ideas you can make at home. From a man stuck in a hurricane to a paper bag princess, these costumes are so much cooler than just wearing a white sheet and calling yourself a ghost.

But be warned, while these costumes might not cost you a lot of money, some of them do require a fair bit of time to put together.

What's the most creative costume you've ever made? Let us know in the comments below.

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas 2015