10/01/2015 10:31 EDT | Updated 10/01/2015 12:59 EDT

This Crow Is Ready For Attack, Has No Respect For Boundaries

If someone ever wanted to make a horror thriller about bird attacks, this crow would get the lead role.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Vancouver Steven Huynh, the four-minute encounter with the black bird starts off by the crow sitting on his backpack ... extremely comfortably.

"This was actually pretty cool, but also terrifying because I couldn't look behind. I didn't know what it was going to do," he writes about the video.

The bird, which continued to hang on Huynh's back, took a jab behind his neck then landed on the ground. Huynh, who caught the chaos on his phone camera, later told CTV News the bird didn't fly away.

"It didn't leave me alone," he told the news site. "I had to literally grab my bag, pick it up, and try to bike away as quickly as I can."

Watch the video above or watch the full video (with a ton of cursing) below:

But it turns out this crow is plenty used to humans. Named Canuck, the bird frequents the area near Shawn Bergman's home. He told CBC News his landlord's son helped the bird when it fell from its nest.

Canuck has a red band around its leg as an identifier, and is known by locals to be friendly enough to sit on their shoulders, reported Global News.

Huynh even returned to the neighbourhood to meet the crow on friendlier terms, in front of media.

"After re-looking at it now, it's just like a friendly encounter. It's not an attack at all," Huynh told CBC.

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