10/01/2015 06:48 EDT | Updated 10/01/2016 05:12 EDT

Anti-Communism Memorial In Ottawa Needs New Location, 3 Parties Say

OTTAWA — Three federal parties say a new location should be found for the Conservative government's planned national memorial to victims of communism.

The NDP, Liberal and Green parties, responding to a City of Ottawa questionnaire, say the current location near the Supreme Court of Canada building is inappropriate.

They agree to work with the city — which has formally asked the federal government to relocate the project — and other interested parties on finding a new site.

However, the Conservatives stand by the intended site for the memorial, which would occupy about one-third of a grassy square in Parliament's judicial precinct.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson released the parties' answers to various local election campaign issues.

A final design for the controversial monument, to be constructed with federal and private funds, is to be considered this fall.

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