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Spirit Bear OK After Being Hit On B.C. Highway: Conservation Service

KERMODE BEAR A Kermode bear, also known as spirit bear, was reported to the COS Hotline being hit on Highway 37 near Smithers. A local CO responded and was able to assess the bear’s condition. As the video shows the bear and her cubs were mobile and actively feeding with no visible injuries. A very positive outcome and a rare encounter! Please contact the Conservation Officer 24/7 hotline at 1-877-952-7277 to report injured wildlife

Posted by Conservation Officer Service on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SMITHERS, B.C. - The white Kermode bear is usually a rare sight in British Columbia, but a motorist on Highway 37 in the province's northwest couldn't avoid hitting the animal.

A caller to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service hotline reported that a vehicle struck a Kermode near Smithers and that it wasn't possible to determine the bear's condition.

The conservation service sent an officer to the area, and a mother bear was spotted meandering along the highway with her two black cubs.

A video of all three bears has been posted on the service's Facebook site, and it shows them moving about, eating, and apparently without any injuries.

The Kermode is a rare subspecies of the black bear and a recessive gene gives some of the animals a white coat though they are not albino or related to the polar bear.

The Kermode or so-called spirit bear is B.C.'s provincial mammal and is found on the central and north coast.

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