10/02/2015 11:42 EDT | Updated 10/02/2015 11:59 EDT

The Health Benefits Of Eating Apples On The Daily

Rows of apples
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Rows of apples

Eating apples on the daily might keep you away from the doctor, but why are apples in general considered such a powerful fruit to begin with?

The fruit, which is a great source of fibre (mostly in the skin), vitamin C, and antioxidants, is an inexpensive superfood you can eat all year round.

"Apples are best consumed whole, especially since an abundance of the nutrients are contained in the skin," says registered dietitian Leah Shainhouse. "The more processed the apple, the less fibre and nutrients it contains, leading to diminished health benefits."

Of course, since apples taste delicious in things like apple sauce and juice, Shainhouse adds you're better off eating the whole fruit for actual nutrition.

"Many times the processed versions such as apple sauce and apple juice contain added sugars, making it a poorer nutritional snack option."

Throw apples in a salad, have one for an afternoon snack (one medium apple has about 70 calories) or try grilling it in sandwiches.

Below, Shainhouse shares eight healthy reasons why we should all be eating more apples — beyond their taste.

Health Benefits Of Apples