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Canadagram: Meet @SimeonRusnak


This week, we introduce you to a Winnipeg-based photographer changing the way we look at Manitoba's capital. Meet @simeonrusnak. Here he is in his own words:

Hey! Firstly, what a pleasure it is to be featured alongside so many talented Canadian Instagrammers. I’ve been inspired by their work and I hope I can continue the inspiration throughout the week! My name is Simeon Rusnak and I am a photographer and broadcaster in Winnipeg, MB. I’m a strong believer in the adage “the best camera is the one that is with you” and, for me in daily life, that camera is the iPhone.

What inspires you to take photos?

I am inspired by light. Chasing light, shaping light, hard light or soft light - to me, it really is the most integral part of a photograph (no matter how subtle or how pronounced) because without it, you wouldn’t have a photograph! — @simeonrusnak

What's your one tip for taking better photos?

For me, the best tip is knowing the limitations of your gear. For instance, I use my iPhone for Instagram, a camera which has a very limited dynamic range and poor lowlight performance. This is something I try and keep in mind when I’m looking at a scene and determining whether or not that scene will be captured well by the phone. — @simeonrusnak

When did you get on Instagram?

A few years ago, I downloaded Instagram because I thought it was a mobile photo editing app. I had no idea there was a “social” component involved! Once I figured that out, I was blown away by the community and the networking. I think the above photo was the first real photo where I got a good deal of user interaction showcasing the community component of Instagram. — @simeonrusnak

#TBT. Can you share an old photo that you love?

I was on tour with the University of Manitoba Singers in Europe. We were about to cross the border from Hungary into Serbia when, at the border station, this little dog appeared. There’s something about this photo that I just love - the dog, the light, the building - it all just has such a unique feel to it! — @simeonrusnak

#FF. Which Instagram photographers do you love?

I am constantly inspired by @m_lloyd of Montreal! The composition, the edit, the subject matter and the three-of-one-colour themed posts just keep me in awe. Please, go check out Michel’s feed if you haven’t. PS. Who’s Instagrammed photos would you put into those three frames? — @simeonrusnak/

Do you have a project that you're working on that you want to share with our readers?

I’m not sure it’s really a project, maybe a fascination (perhaps obsession is the right word?) with #peoplewalkingpastwalls. It’s one of those hashtags that I saw and I thought “I want to contribute.” — @simeonrusnak/

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