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Here Are The Top Destinations For Canadians Working Abroad, According To LinkedIn

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China,Hong Kong, tourists admiring the skyline from Victoria peak, at dusk, standing next to a viewing point with traditional architecture.

For some people, landing a job abroad is an ideal way of combining world travel with a paycheque.

And where do Canadians go when they head abroad for work? According to a new survey from LinkedIn, Canadian expats are drawn to New York, San Francisco and Paris above all other places.

But these days, more Canadians are looking east.

“Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates are new to the list [in 2015], revealing that Canadians are growing more adventurous in their international professional experiences,” said LinkedIn’s senior manager of global communications, Danielle Restivo.

Restivo says it’s becoming “increasingly easy” for Canadians to build international careers, as “we’re seeing a growing number of companies looking beyond borders in their approach to hiring.”

But you will still need the right skill set and the right employer to land a good job abroad.

“Those interested in working abroad should work to develop a global professional network,” Restivo says -- including, of course, building a LinkedIn profile.

Here are the top 10 destinations for working Canadian expats, as well as the top 10 companies hiring Canadians abroad.

Top 10 destinations for Canadians working abroad:

1. Greater New York City Area

2. San Francisco Bay Area

3. Paris Area, France

4. Hong Kong

5. London, United Kingdom

6. Greater Los Angeles Area

7. Greater Boston Area

8. Greater Seattle Area

9. United Arab Emirates

10. Washington D.C. Metro Area

Top 10 companies employing Canadians overseas:

1. Microsoft

2. IBM

3. Google

4. Ernst & Young

5. PWC

6. Deloitte

7. Accenture

8. Apple

9. Hewlett-Packard

10. Amazon

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