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A Grown-Up's Style Guide For A Girls' Night Out

Just because you’ve hit a certain age doesn’t mean the music has to stop.

If you’ve ever found yourself on the fence about whether or not you might be past your prime when it comes to hitting a nightclub, our advice is, go for it.

Life is generally too short to place age limits on harmless fun, so unless your kids have to sign you out of the seniors home for the night, you make your own rules.

Now that your much anticipated girls’ night is all lined up, naturally, the next question is, what to wear? If you’ve been out of the game for a while, there are a couple of style tips to avoid looking like a hot mess before you even set foot on the dance floor.

You don’t want a repeat of those cringe-worthy outfits you hit the town in at 19. Remember that hot pink bandage dress and patent leather stilettos? Yeah, we don’t either.

Dress to impress no matter what your age with our grown up style tips for a great girls’ night out.

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Pop Culture That Influenced Our Millennial Bar/Club Style

Merge Style And Comfort

We’ve all seen her or maybe even been her. She’s the girl teetering around in sky-high heels and a dress so tight, you can feel her pain just by looking at her.

Believe it or not, you’ll look a lot sexier if you’re actually comfortable. A simple slip dress that hits right around the knees and just grazes your body rather than encasing it like a sausage is a pretty and classy option. Pair it with a classic black pump or a strappy open toe heel and finish your look with an embellished clutch.


The beauty of getting older is you become much more comfortable in your own skin. You start to wonder why you ever tried so hard. The same principle applies to dress and styling.

Less is more. Once upon a time, it seemed like a splendid idea to pair sequins and frills with a side of studs. Sometimes, all it takes to look incredible is a little black dress in the simplest of silhouettes.

Pick One Area To Show Skin

Showing skin is perfectly okay, but stick to one place and keep the rest fairly covered. If you decide it’s a cleavage night, wear a skirt with a longer hemline.

If your legs feel like making an appearance, try balancing it out with a top that’s a touch more conservative.

Swap Sparkles For Fringe

We’re not suggesting you retire all your sparkly favourites, but for a night out, consider swapping sequins for a more mature trend like fringe.

A long fringe skirt paired with a slouchy soft pocket tee will definitely turn heads for all the right reasons.

Wear The Right Undergarments

It might not seem noticeable, but your periwinkle bra straps will ruin the effect of your outfit. This is especially applicable when dressing for a night out. One of the biggest style faux pas separating the girls from the women is knowing what undergarments to wear with what outfits.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but stick-on bras and seamless underwear run a close second.

Don’t Be Afraid To Actually Wear Clothes

Nightclubs can easily become furnaces as the partying and libations progress, however, that doesn’t mean you need to wear as little clothing as possible. I was surprised to find that some of the outfits that made me feel most attractive weren’t necessarily the skimpiest.

Try going trendy rather than sexy with a pair of culottes, a simple silk tank and a long tonal waistcoat. We promise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how great you feel fully covered.

Add Simple Accessories

We hate to say it but statement jewelry seems to be on its way out in favour of simple, timeless pieces.

When accessorizing for your night out, consider opting for a modest chain with your favoured pendant over an enormously heavy feather statement necklace. Minimalist jewelry has a way of making a woman look polished and refined.

Wear Shoes You Can Walk In

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? This point ties in with dressing comfortably but I felt it deserved its very own paragraph due to the volume of girls on the cusp of toppling over or putting their manicured feet on a less than pristine bar floor.

We’re not advocating for orthotics at a club but at a certain age, wearing shoes you can’t walk in is no longer excusable. At a certain height, shoes will be uncomfortable no matter what. Try sticking to a heel that’s three inches or less and research trendy footwear brands that also take comfort into consideration.

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